Our Service Portfolio

Strategic Services

To become a successful franchise, the correct systems and structures are vital. Almost any type of successful business can be franchised. We assist businesses by sharing our years of experience with them, alerting them of the most common pitfalls and mistakes made at every stage, opening their eyes to methods and structures that may not be obvious to someone new to franchising, assisting with creation of franchise systems, helping to review legal documents and guiding them through the entire process.

Using the latest concepts and technologies we develop strategy, the process and the collateral to attract customers and franchisees. We design and implement the interconnected systems that ensure effective communication, operational traditionalism and brand uniformity, building scalable businesses.

Franchisor Operational Services

Infinity Brands provides in depth operational solutions to maturing franchisors and brands who have a network of franchisees. There could be challenges or there may be a pressing need to improve the productivity of every franchise. At times there are several under-performing franchises who could do a u-turn with systematic engagement. There may even be a need to add a fresher set of franchises who could instil vigor and energy into the system. There are several tools deployed to improve the efficiency of a franchise system.

Franchise Brokers

When you franchise your business, it is a fast paced business growth model. We manage this kind of pace as our profession. Using our franchise management services, on an average you can setup over 10+ new franchise units per year when we are marketing aggressively and managing the entire process as your franchise manager/consultant.

We offer applied cost nominal advice to both franchisors and franchisee to grow and secure your business enterprise value. Whether you are a developing brand or a mature business, from spawning leads to evaluating, qualifying and enlightening potential franchisees, our professionals, result driven team will position your franchise opportunity to attract the highest quality contenders.

Training Services

We can produce training manuals and conduct training. We provide the following training programmes:

Management Training

The complexities and ethos of working within a franchise organisation has its own shares of challenges. Infinity Brands provides specific management training programmes for these growing businesses to help them align themselves with the advantages of qualitative franchising. It works on core areas of building the franchise system, training the franchisor employees dealing with franchising and giving them support on the ground, effective franchisor marketing, franchisor compliances, franchisee relationship exercises and adequate responsibility assignments to ensure they work effectively towards building the business whilst working closely with the franchisees.

Brand Specific Training

Training ensures that the company culture is passed down to the unit franchisees, which in reality is more difficult than teaching them the actual day-to-day operations. Hence a startup camp is conducted to train franchisees before they start the operation, emphasizing on the company philosophy and the brand they represent and then go into actual operations.

Marketing Services

The availability of various marketing platforms and understanding the latest marketing trends form the core of an effective franchise marketing strategy. Marketing strategies include defining your customer profile, creating your collaterals, advertising your product or service in the relevant mediums and using several marketing tools.

Legal Services

We develop legal documentation that configure your franchise model. We can help you with the following documents and more:

  • Franchise Agreements
  • Franchise Operations Manuals
  • Supplier Agreements
  • Registrations
  • Letter Of Intent
  • Franchise Approval / Rejection Letters

Other documentation includes marketing, training and operational documents that are primarily required for franchising your business.

Financial Services

We provide financial services that configure your franchise model. We can help you with the following services and more:

  • Franchise Account Management
  • Payroll Services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Advisory services

Procurement Services

We provide a source-to-settle platform which enables franchise groups to purchase directly from accredited suppliers within and around their vicinity. It’s a platform that not only benefits the franchise groups, but also the suppliers. As a self-service web portal it helps franchisors and suppliers simplify their business processes, as well as save time and money. Creating a solution that brings an holistic approach to franchising and supplier management by removing communication barriers between franchisors and suppliers.

It provides members with new options to meet the changing needs of their business by taking control of their cash flow and generating invoices promptly.