We Care About Our Furry Companions

Infinity Brands is franchising management business with over ten years’ experience in the industry. This Christmas, we’ve decided to do our part for our furry companions by donating to Santa Cause for Paws.

What does Santa Cause for Paws do?

Santa Cause for Paws is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers who collect gifts for shelter animals. These boxes are then distributed to a number of animal shelters. Santa Cause for Paws assists organizations doing outreach work in townships, as well as feral feeders and fosters.

Their goal is to bring the spirit of Christmas to shelter animals who aren’t fortunate enough to have a loving home of their own.

What can you do?

This festive season, you can help brighten up a four-legged critter’s Christmas by making a pledge or donation (or both!). You can make a financial pledge or a gift box pledge and drop it off at the nearest drop-off location. 

What should your pledge box contain?

The pledged gift box should contain two tasty treats, something warm, a toy, something useful (like shampoo, or a dewormer), and an optional item for shelter staff. You can choose between box contents for kittens, adult cats, puppies, or adult dogs. You can also volunteer in a variety of ways.

Here’s how you can get started:

All you have to do is visit the Santa Cause for Paws website, create a login, and choose your pledge type. If you’re pledging a box, you can select your nearest, most convenient drop-off point and deliver it during opening hours.

Why do we think this is a good cause?

Infinity Brands isn’t just a franchise management business – we’re a business with heart! We believe in and support community upliftment. “This Christmas,” says Infinity Brands COO Kerryn King, “we are extending the gift of giving to our furry friends in need!”

You could do the same today!