Management Team

Ricardo Maio, CEO

Ricardo Maio is directly responsible for the company’s vision of becoming the foremost global expert in building and developing franchises. He is the fulcrum of the company, guiding the direction of expansion. Ricardo sees his role as the company’s CEO as one which is predominantly creation and solutions driven. As the company’s visionary, he thrives on creative planning and execution. Ricardo’s entrepreneurial spirit manifests itself most in the seeking of new opportunities and possibilities. He believes in fostering constant personal and professional reevaluation and transformation in order to avoid stagnation. His personal approach to dealing with others is akin to a franchise model in that he encourages personal growth in people by creating a sense of stability and guiding individuals to work together as a cohesive team and unit. 


While Ricardo believes in a hierarchical approach and occupies an active decision-making role, he seeks out people who are experts in their fields and values expertise and professional capabilities. 


Ricardo describes some of his greatest business achievements as overcoming the obstacles and challenges presented by building the ACDC Express franchise from the ground up. When faced with the possibility of the first franchise floundering, Ricardo stepped in in his personal capacity and turned the business around in six months by making use of strict systems and procedures. It is through this experience that he gleaned the importance of proper utilisation of procedural adherence. He has diligently worked to establish himself as an expert in the electrical franchising field. This was done, in part, by positioning himself as knowledgeable even though he was only in his mid-twenties and early-thirties. 


Ricardo’s passion lies in strategic and creative problem-solving, and he thrives on being challenged by new opportunities where he has to determine the best strategies required for successful implementation. 

Craig van der Westhuizen CA (SA), COO

Craig van der Westhuizen has a proven track record in both the corporate and entrepreneurial space. With a strong financial grounding, Craig has been hands on in business over the last 25 years. He has played leading roles in both growing new business and fine tuning existing businesses and efficiencies.


Craig is able to identify with all stakeholders in the business environment and builds relationships to ensure that internal and external goals are achieved. He also plays a major role in the cohesion of Infinity Brands day to day operations, and ensures that systems and human capital work cooperatively to achieve the efficient use of resources and the effective execution of functions. 


As an ultra distance runner, Craig has the perseverance and determination to ensure that stuff gets done.

Paulo Do Nascimento, Sales Manager

Paulo Do Nascimento is an accomplished Franchise Sales Manager with extensive experience in the development and implementation of franchise agreements. He has working knowledge of identifying and closing deals that have brought great success to Infinity Brands.

Paulo has an exceptional customer satisfaction record and has a hands-on approach in supporting franchisees with processes and procedures from on-boarding to post support services.







Shannon Naicker, ACDC Express General Manager

Having worked in various industries that include Retail, Logistics, ICT, Textiles and Communications, Shannon has an entrepreneurial spirit.

A business degree from the Wits Business School and a Higher Diploma in Project Management amongst other qualifications over the years has equipped him to be an expert in turn around strategy, operational implementation.

Shannon has a wealth of experience in working with various brands throughout his career which include Edcon, TNT Express, Diageo, Sony, Tiger Brands, Blue Label Telecoms, Danone, Unilever and others. His drive is to always be unconventional in finding solutions that are practical to implement.

Having spent 10 years at Smollan which is one of the worlds largest retail solutions organisations, he was given the freedom to develop cutting edge solutions to the brands we know and love.

As the General Manager of South Africa’s largest Electrical Retailer, he is passionate about growing this brand within South Africa and beyond. With the current national footprint of 36 stores and over 85,000 products, ACDC Express is an exciting opportunity to grow into new formats and geographies.

Nicolette Boucher,
Sunburst Electric General Manager

Nicolette Boucher joined Infinity Brands in 2014 as an Operations Manager, Her dedication and tenacity served her well, as she acquired a great deal of knowledge in the franchising industry.

With her Diploma in Accounting and Business Management, and through hard work and determination, Nicolette soon proved worthy of managing a brand was appointed as the General Manager of Sunburst Electric. She continues to strive for excellence in growing the Sunburst Electric Brand.